Our culture is what we believe in, the guiding principles we follow in our work every day. During the years we have integrated our individual values to create what we are now.

The People of Grafixoft

The strength of Grafixoft are the people and they give inspiration for striving and creation. We are trained professionals committed to quality. Here at Grafixoft, we work, advance and have fun.

Each member of our team is significant and the effort of everyone is valued. Our main goal has always been to offer people the chance to grow. We always foster unity and free-thinking.

Values, Responsibility and Loyalty

Our relationships are based on honest communication, respect and the firm belief that everybody operates in accordance with the shared values. Responsibility and loyalty are the basis of our behaviour.

Grafixoft highly appreciates the long-term partnerships. So we endeavor to exceed our partners’ expectations and deserve their trust. Through the close relationships and friendly intercourse, we have the chance to gain valuable experience. Furthermore, the team develop their talent constantly and try to get beyond the existing boundaries!

A positive and stimulating work environment

We cultivate an atmosphere full of trust, pleasure and satisfaction. It fosters creative and united teams. Being convinced that work environment is vital to our productivity, we constantly take care of it. We consider it our duty, to give everybody the chance to achieve their potential.