Fusion Business Solutions

Fusion is the largest consultancy in Europe and systems integrator of BMC Software solutions. The main services are ITIL based consulting, reviews and audits, implementations, managed services and support around BMC products and technical consulting, architect and configuration services. The partnership between Fusion and Grafixoft dates for several years. During this period we have successfully completed a great number of projects for diverse companies. In order to be professionals in the area, we have founded a team of 8 developers fully devoted to the joint projects.

Retain International

Retain International is a UK company focused on providing software and information services which help organizations worldwide to manage their resources through the use of their scheduling, time recording and knowledge management products.

Grafixoft has been working with Retain International since 2000. The dedicated team includes seven members working on a few separate sprints at the same time. We take significant part in the software development and quality assurance of Retain’s projects.
Multicad AS

Multicad AS is a Norwegian company distributing and supporting the Multicad architectural CAD system on the Scandinavian market. Multicad software is highly specialized for the Scandinavian design and construction requirements and is very popular among architect bureaus and construction companies. Grafixoft has started the development of the Multicad system in 1998 and now provides new features and functionalities to the software. During these 13 years, different number of Grafixoft developers have been involved in the Multicad project.

Promotion and Display Technology

Promotion and Display Technology is a high-tech UK based company, one of the major suppliers of telephone hardware to British Telecom. They provide a full cycle product development, from the idea to the distribution of the finished products. Over the years of collaboration, Grafixoft has become the main software developer of PDT and we have established a great friendship.

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