Solutions Overview

Grafixoft provides business oriented solutions for enterprises, who want to be more efficient and dynamic. In order to meet customers’ raising expectations in the fast changing world today, we offer excellent performance and fast delivery. Our specialists examine carefully your environment and help you to select the right solution compatible with the budget and scale of your company.

The Retain solutions are focused on effective resource management. They give you a broad view of your staff and facilities, and allow you to create a balanced schedule. The core role of the Retain Resource Planning System is utilization of resources, increase of productivity and decrease of costs. These points are essential for each consultant firm or organization working on a project basis.

Grafixoft can also help you to optimize your IT processes and infrastructure and achieve considerable business value through BMC ITSM. These BMC solutions completely support the ITIL standard – the world’s best known quality label. The service-oriented suite of applications drives fundamental changes in the way you manage processes. ITSM delivers huge cost savings while reducing risk, raising satisfaction of business stakeholders and setting you apart from the competition.

Our Engineering Solutions perfectly answer the needs of particular industries – architecture and textile manufacture, medical and telephony/VoIP. The CAD/CAM solutions allow automation of design and production processes, which results in a great difference in quality. The Medical and Telephony/VoIP solutions do real time data processing and synchronization in critical and concurrent context. The end users find them helpful and valuable, prising their reliability and simple usability.

Above all, Grafixoft cares for your prosperity. That is why we customize and integrate complete solutions to fulfill specific need.

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