Problem Management

Problem Management¬†Problem Management is a tool for correcting and minimizing the adverse impact from problems caused by errors within the IT infrastructure and for preventing recurrence of incidents related to these errors.Problem Management seeks to get to the root cause of the incidents and then initiate actions to improve or correct the situation. “The problem begins where the incident ends”. A problem is the unknown cause of one or more incidents. The Incident ends when the customers are able to carry on with their job, regardless of whether or not the underlying cause of the incident has been resolved. At this time the agent raises a problem so that the underlying cause of the incident could be found and eliminated so that it will never occur again.


Problem Management DiagramThe following activities are included in order to resolve problems:


Problem Management improves the quality of the IT services by monitoring, documenting and eliminating errors in the IT infrastructure, reducing the number of incidents, using abiding solutions.