Service Request Management


SRM ConsoleBMC Service Request Management (SRM) - a web portal for IT and non-IT service requests. Its integration results in service desk call reduction and increased operational efficiency.

The service desk is often overloaded with repetitive end-user requests which limit the ability of the IT to focus on restoring critical business services. Many of these end-user requests are for standard services such as on-boarding employees, equipment ordering and password reset. Very often the back-office fulfillment tasks for these types of requests are manual, resulting in limited capability in terms of approval tracking and determining the cost of request fulfillment. This results in delayed request fulfillment which impacts the service delivery.

SRM DiagramBMC Service Request Management allows easily to define available services (IT and non-IT), publish them in a service catalog and automate the fulfillment process. Service Request Management is the single point of entry for users to open, view and manage their requests. SRM is the process that enables an IT procurement or service request to be reliably submitted, routed, approved, monitored and delivered. It is the process of managing a service request through its lifecycle from submission through delivery and follow-up. Deploying a service catalog for IT and non-IT requests provided in a clear user friendly interface can significantly speed up the whole process of request submition and its fulfillment lifecycle. Predefined questionnaires ensure that all required information is collected from the end users which results in accurate, automated workflow processing. This automation enforces the consistency of the process and speeds up  the requests through the approval and fulfillment stages resulting in improved operational efficiency and service quality.