Engineering Solutions

Grafixoft has got solid traditions in design, development and deployment of custom engineering solutions in the architectural and textile design CAD/CAM solutions, medical and telephone/VoIP systems, and 3D video anaglyph. The development of such solutions requires profound knowledge in the low level  software development, server side applications, 3D graphics, hardware integrations and real time data processing. The engineering solutions we have created are used by power engineering companies, electrical substations, railroad companies, police departments, banks, financial organizations, multinational companies.

Grafixoft also has the necessary experience in developing flexible real time enterprise solutions. Our design guarantees the server side to be fast and highly reliable, with resilience and scalability. The client side includes different input modes (like websites and IVRs, or any application that uses the common interface of the system). We control all the operations by client applications and services in real time in order to monitor the system’s  functionality.

Grafixoft has been certified as a Microsoft OEM hardware solutions provider.

We would like to also note that we have developed the software for the world’s first consumer 3D webcam – Minoru 3D, released in January 2009. It won the “Fans Favorite” award at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Another accomplishment we are proud of is our software system for automation of the design in textile companies with jacquard looms, that won gold medal at the International Fair Plovdiv.