Retain Resource Planning Solutions

Retain Resource Planning Solutions are powerful instruments for managing staff and facilities that help lower operational costs via efficient planning, in turn giving you a competitive edge. The core role of the system is to help you manage best your ‘resources’. A ‘resource’ can be anything from people to any entity that can be applied to the process of completing a job. Utilisation of resources can effectively be optimised by choosing the right resource for a job having in mind various information for resources’ qualifications. The allocation of a resource to a job is called ‘booking’. Bookings can be easily adjusted as and when required by circumstances.

Retain offers primarily resource management (as opposed to project management) tools. This is why it is not particularly concerned with the individual activities performed during each job. However, it offers various ways to indicate the nature of a job – ‘component’, ‘assignment’, ‘booking type’. Furthermore, Retain allows you to maintain information on resources, jobs and components that can be updated on a continuing basis throughout the managment process.

In addition to the user-friendly grafical interface which has been designed to look like the original ‘wallchart’ booking system, the 2 major Retain products – Wallchart (a desktop application) and Webportal (a web based solution) offer a powerful reporting system.