Additional Modules

Retain Skills is a skills management tool for the Retain Resource Planning System. It is designed to allow more detailed skills recording and selection than is possible with the standalone Retain. The skills module allows you to define and store comprehensive skills information against resources. Used in combination with Retain, it ensures that you can get the best person for the job.

Product Features:

• Build up a pool of skills within your organisation and pre-empt any gaps within your skills pool.

• Categorise skills in to groups.

• Search for resources based on skill and competency.

• Identify areas for resource skills development to maintain a highly skilled workforce.

• Generate reports to analyze skills data and the distribution of skills against jobs.

Retain Skills consists of two modules, the Management module and the Selection module. The Management module is where the ‘Categories’, ‘Attributes’ and ‘Resource Details’ are set up and maintained. The Selection module is used for finding resources, or staff, that match skills requirements.

Retain Web Viewer gives users the ability to view their planned work in a familiar graphical format similar to Retain through a web browser.

Retain Booking Request allows users to request resources for a job through a web browser. These requests can then be approved, adjusted or cancelled by a Retain administrator or resourcing coordinator.

Enterprise Reports is a reporting tool that allows the creation of powerful time series and graphical reports, harnessing the data captured in Retain Resource Planning System, Retain Time and Retain Skills. This will allow you to analyze all scheduling aspects of your business, pinpointing the exact information you need to increase your productivity and make effective business decisions. Enterprise Reports is a multi-functional tool that can generate report types such as:

• Utilisation and availability

• Time and cost

• Revenue forecasting

• Exception reporting

• Executive / Management reports

• Time series reporting

• Planned Time vs Actual Time reports

• Multi-database consolidation

The Retain Calendar Link allows personal calendars to be updated with jobs scheduled in the Retain Resource Planning System. Staff can view their appointments in Microsoft Outlook or Lotus Notes calendar.
The process can be set up centrally and run at regular intervals to update calendars.
Licensing is based on a server price, with a per resource calendar charge.

The Retain Importer transfers data from an external source into a Retain database. This allows Retain to be kept up-to-date from other systems without manually entering data into the system.
Retain Importer allows you to pull in data from your existing systems e.g. accounting systems, human resources systems, customer management systems. Supported formats include Excel (.xls), comma separated file (.csv), SQL Server databases and Oracle databases.

Key Features:

• Set up multiple templates to quickly import data from several sources.

• Add new records and update records in the Retain database when source data is modified.

• Delete data from the Retain database according to specified conditions.

• Schedule the import process to run at a convenient time.