Retain Resource Planning System

The main concept of Retain is established on the idea of managing resources in order to perform jobs. It primarily achieves this by means of a “booking” system – i.e. where a “resource” is allocated to a “job” for a specific date range. The exact meaning of the terms ‘resources’ and ‘jobs’ can vary from organisation to organisation but the process of allocating resources to jobs in the form of ‘bookings’ is applied in all the cases. Each resource can be given various classifications, groupings and/or attributes which can be used in the allocation process and for producing reports. For example, you may classify staff by grades, group them by departments and skills.


Retain is used for several purposes including:

• Staff planning. This is the most popular use for Retain. For example, many professional businesses (such as accountancy, law and consultancy firms and financial institutions) use it to plan and manage the distribution of client matters among their professional staff. Also it can be used to monitor the type and amount of staff training.

• Facilities management. This is another use ranging from conference rooms and operating theatres to fleets of cars. For example, the availability of beds in hospital wards can be planned taking account of differing features and equipment usable at particular beds.

• Both – Indeed, it is possible to combine both. For example, schools can work out schedules for teachers, pupils and classes at the same time as the classrooms.


Three editions are available to suit businesses of all sizes:

• Retain Enterprise edition (for SQL Server or Oracle)

• Retain Corporate edition (for SQL Server or Oracle)

• Retain Planner edition (embedded database)


Product Features:

Wallchart view• Graphical presentation of schedules that looks similar to the traditional wallchart

• Easy maintenance and management of records such as Resources, Jobs and Booking

• Assign resources to jobs for a specific date range (or vice versa) using a configurable interface

Add Resource• Filtering (selection) of resources, jobs and bookings based on various fields

• Built-in report writer

• Charge rate system

• Resource grading and promotion

Utilisation report• Sub-tasks or components

• “What if” scenarios

Apply colours and shapes to visually highlight important data


Note: Some of the features vary depending on the Edition.