Retain Web Enterprise

Retain Web Enterprise is a web based resource planning and skills management solution for small firms to large enterprises.

Web Enterprise provides an intuitive interface with the right blend of power and flexibility to manage resources and jobs efficiently. You can search for talent from a shared pool of resources and allocate to a job.


Web Enterprise has the following capabilities:

Schedule page• Web based front-end for planning resources and viewing schedules online

• Personal summary view for resources to quickly see schedules, requests and alerts

• Search through documents stored in the shared repository to find talent for a job

Details Page• Manage teams effectively by allocating jobs to the correct team or team member

• Keep jobs on track and within budget by comparing current and future resource allocation

• Track all allocations during a jobs life span

• Use ‘Ghost bookings’ to make unconfirmed allocations and accurately forecast the Reports pageimpact of change to schedules if the work is confirmed

• Create your own reports or use predefined reports to calculate resource utilisation & availability, resource cost to business and job time & cost vs budget.

• Exports reports in several formats including Adobe PDF and Microsoft Excel.


Web Enterprise allows for a significant degree of customisation with a basic understanding of web standards:

• Customise the front-end to bring it in line with your company standards

• Change the content of pages by hiding data not relevant to a user group

• Create your own calculated fields to use in reports

• Create profiles to control the level of access permitted to users

• Automate the reporting process

• Product Features:

• Intuitive web interface

• Multiple pages present data in different ways

• Comprehensive Skills Management and Document Storage

• Powerful Reporting

• Timesheet Functionality

• User profiles that define the level of access