Another 20th anniversary!

Last year we celebrated Grafixoft`s 20th birthday. It has been an amazing journey through the years – starting with less than five people in a small office space that felt too much like home to now more than 100 people in two different locations. This will not be possible without the 3 stable pillars keeping us standing over the years – our people, our management and our partners.
On 11th October we celebrated another anniversary – 20 years partnership with Retain International. We gathered all colleagues in Metropolitan Hotel where we have presentation about the partnership, the history and the product. 20 years in few slides – it was amazing.
We started working with Retain in September 1999. The team then was a handful of people and no one would have believed that 20 years later same people will be still working for Retain with the small difference that they are now leading a team of almost 50 developers and QAs.
We want to say big thank you to the people who are part of Retain Development Team for being responsible for such a long-lasting and fruitful partnership and being part of something this big that is changing lives every day.