Another 20th anniversary!

Last year we celebrated Grafixoft`s 20th birthday. It has been an amazing journey through the years – starting with less than five people in a small office space that felt too much like home to now more than 100 people in two different locations. This will not be possible without the 3 stable pillars keeping us standing over the years – our people, our management and our partners.
On 11th October we celebrated another anniversary – 20 years partnership with Retain International. We gathered all colleagues in Metropolitan Hotel where we have presentation about the partnership, the history and the product. 20 years in few slides – it was amazing.
We started working with Retain in September 1999. The team then was a handful of people and no one would have believed that 20 years later same people will be still working for Retain with the small difference that they are now leading a team of almost 50 developers and QAs.
We want to say big thank you to the people who are part of Retain Development Team for being responsible for such a long-lasting and fruitful partnership and being part of something this big that is changing lives every day.


BSCC membership

A promising new partnership was made just few days ago. We are happy to become members of the Bulgarian-Swiss Chamber of Commerce. BSCC was established at the end of 2004 and aims to promote and support trade and economic relations between Switzerland and Bulgaria. Grafixoft’s membership will help to establish new contacts between members of the Association and stakeholders from both countries, exchange of information and experience. Our company is pleased to work with clients from Switzerland and we meet their high expectations for standard and quality. For Grafixoft, this partnership is an opportunity to strengthen even more our good relations with Swiss companies and an opportunity for new collaborations.

Grafixoft rankings in the ICT TOP 100

At the beginning of July ICT Media published the official results of the ranking of Top 100 Technology Companies in Bulgaria for 2019

We are proud to share the ranking of Grafixoft. Thanks to our team and the efforts of all our colleagues, we have the strength, the energy and the knowledge to keep moving forward.

For several years, Grafixoft has been stable in the rank with its 77th position in the overall ranking. Ranked by revenue we are on the 35th spot among 50 software companies and on the excellent 10th position of IT consultancy providers.

Another important indicator for us is the one about highest growth. During the last couple of years, we have gone through a lot of challenges and a tremendous expansion in company size, expertize and position portfolio. We have managed to keep the pace and our position intact and finished on 39th place among the top 50 companies.

All Grafixoft rankings in the ICT Top 100:

35th in Top 50 Software companies, by revenue

24th in Top 30 Software developers, by revenue

10th  in Top IT Consultancy providers, by revenue

39th  in the Top 50 IT companies with the highest growth

27th in the 50 most dynamic IT companies

*Source – ICT Media, Capital. ICT TOP 100 

Grafixoft in Campus X – Done

The relocation of part of our office is already a fact. Just one year after the extension of the office space within the building on Yerusalim street, where our head office is situated, became necessary to expand again. It is required by the fast growth of the company and the convenience and overall good experience of the people working in Grafixoft, because for us is more than important to take care of our people and to make them feel good during their working day.

So on 1st of July we officially “conquered” part of Campus X. A really good place to work, familiar to all colleagues graduated from Telerik Academy with nice environment and atmosphere. We believe that our colleagues will develop even more successfully as professionals, exchanging valuable experience and knowledge. And for sure they will benefit from the great places for relaxation and entertainment.

We are more than happy to become part of Campus X community.

Campus X, we are coming!

Is there a working place where you would enjoy spending your eight working hours? A place that gives you all the comforts of your daily routine and much more. A place that allows your creativity to flourish and helps you surpass yourself day after day? Yes, there is and we have found it.

Soon we are going to celebrate something big because we will hire the employee number 100.
The growth of the company exceeded our own expectations, but with them came the need to expand the office again. That’s why part of Grafixoft`s team will soon join the Campus X community. We are sure that they will make new friends, have good memories and continue to work as they have done so far – with pleasure.

The choice of the location was not difficult because over 20% of the company’s current employees have graduated Telerik Academy. It is not easy for us to “split up” with our colleagues, but we know that they will feel good on Campus X. The good location and office space and the nice atmosphere are things that are valuable to us and we believe that will help our colleagues feel as good as they have before.

Grafixoft will take part in the first IT Roadshow in UK

In June Grafixoft will be part of an IT delegation from Bulgaria that will visit UK in order to create business opportunities between Bulgarian and British companies. The initiative behind the Roadshow comes from BBBA (British Bulgarian Business Association) and its main aim is to promote our country as an outsourcing destination.

So far, 14 IT companies, including Grafixoft, will participate. An eventful programme has been developed, with focus on networking and presentation activities, and participation in two big international events – London Tech Week and International Business Festival in Liverpool.

The delegation will be promoted among different UK parties, which will have the opportunity to book 1-to-1 meetings with the Bulgarian participants.

There will be a unique chance to meet the representatives of the Bulgarian IT Hub during the Bulgarian IT Delegation Embassy Reception.

Official website of the UK IT Roadshow:

About BBBA:

BBBA is a dynamic professional network, which provides a platform to facilitate dialogue and business among British and Bulgarian businesses. We cooperate with business associations in Bulgaria and the UK, through which our members get the opportunity to connect with myriad other potential business partners.

The new office is already a fact!

We are thrilled to announce that the intention in the beginning of the year has become a reality – Grafixoft has opened another office in the building, where we are currently located. The new space has the capacity of 30 people. Not only that, but also all of the new work places are already occupied by our engineering development team. The rapid expansion was a necessity due to the increased clients` needs. We are proud that we managed to fulfill the plan and we did so with great success.  With the new office and the people working there, we could continue to deliver excellent quality to all of our clients.

First year ISO audit – done!

Thanks to our incredible personnel, the first ISO audit after the certification went above and beyond the expectations. The event itself took place in the end of June. The report showed that the policies and procedures that we have integrated are efficient and people are following them strictly. That and the best practices we work on provide us with secured organization with high quality.

Grafixoft is expanding its office space

We are excited to share some of the things we have planned for the near future. Due to an increased workload, we are currently designing new office space. It will be located in the same building as the current one and it would have approximately 25 new work places. Our Engineering Development Team would be situated in the new  space. We hope this expansion will lead to better and more efficient team dynamics and with that, our developers would continue to deliver excellent quality for all of our partners.

Telerik Academy Alpha Visit

On Friday, 3rd November, the new Alpha ninjas from Telerik Academy visited Grafixoft office. They were divided in groups and each group had an attendant from Grafixoft who guided them through the office. That way each group had the opportunity to take a closer look on the work process in each department and to feel the atmosphere in the company. We received interesting questions that provoke good discussions. It was a complete pleasure to have in our office such young motivated individuals ready to explore the IT world. Good luck, ninjas!