Being a Grafixofter is a calling
The secret of success

The people of Grafixoft are the real treasure of the company. It is our belief that the knowledge, experience and passion that they bring to their work, is the greatest driver of our success. Our team is formed both of young specialists and experienced professionals, so that we have innovation, proven methods, high spirit and a lot of energy.

Meet Our Tribe

Grafixoft would never be where it is now without:

Marin Kunev

Chief Executive Officer

Victor Milev

Chief Information Officer

Vladimir Todorov

Chief Financial Officer

Rayna Laleva

Department Lead

Svetlozar Stoyanov

Department Lead

Nicolay Gerassimov

Department Lead

Maria Pencheva

Business Development Manager
In What We Believe

In Grafixoft we believe in partnership in all its forms and everything that comes along. We value loyalty, kindness, the urge to help the people around you and the desire to pass along everything you have learned. Since its establishment, Grafixoft aimed to pass these values to its clients, employees and business partners.

As a result, we are proud of partnerships lasting more than 20 years and people working in Grafixoft since the beginning. We deeply believe that business is personal and it is the people and the relations between them that make the magic happen.

Our Mission
Our mission is to perfect the imperfection, to config the non-configurable and to code the uncodable. We believe that we are here to exceed the expectations, to surpass our selves, to break the mediocracy and to deliver more.
Do more. Be more. Give more. Be bold. Be creative. Be daring. Respect. Honour. Believe.
Our relationships are based on honest communication, respect and the firm belief that everybody operates in accordance with the shared values. Responsibility, loyalty and hardworking are the basis of our behavior.

What our Team
Loves about Grafixoft

One of our biggest prides is our big family – the people that work in the company!