From school desk to office desk

A university, academy, or programming courses? Whichever you choose, eventually the moment of truth comes – the first working day in the chosen company, in which you encounter everything you have learned in theory and practice.

For many people, soon after the first working day, comes the moment when they realize how far they are from the comfort and routine of the theory they learned and it can be a little bit scary. This is the time when we most need someone to guide us and help us move forward. What are the difficulties that young professionals most often face, how do they overcome them, and what motivates them?

Grafixoft, sometimes, is the first official employer of interns and students because for us is valuable to help in the transfer of theoretical knowledge to practical professional skills. This is something that we feel like a mission and where we can be helpful.

So, we asked some of our colleagues for whom Grafixoft was the first job after graduating from university or software academy and we will be happy to share with you the answers.

„What did you study in high school? “

Over 80% of the asked colleagues studied mathematics, informatics, and computer science.

The foreign language that most of them studied in high school, contrary to expectations, is German, not English.

“How did you choose the IT field?”

The most common answer is – because it was something like a hobby – gaming, or just a deeper interest. The high schools with mathematical profiles also give direction – usually, the next step after graduation is something in the IT field, most often software development.

Software Academy or University?

There is no clear opinion here – both options work, but depends on the person. Probably the best choice is “both” because universities offer more comprehensive and in-depth theory, and academies provide the so necessary practice. One of the most complete and reasonable answers of one of our colleagues to this question is – “University is the right solution from a theoretical point of view. It answers the question “Why?” Academies, on the other hand, are the right choice from a practical point of view. They answer the question “How?” At the beginning of professional development, only practical knowledge is enough, but the more responsibilities a person receives, the more he needs theory.”

What do you like the most about your profession?

If you like routine, calmness, and monotonous work – programming is not for you. The work is creative and challenging, you need to constantly develop at its pace and upgrade your knowledge and skills. Strange, but some people like it 🙂

How did you choose the first company you started working for?

The reasons are different, but no one mentions salary or social benefits as the most important factors and top priority. Usually, a recommendation is received from a friend who is a current employee. Important factors are the atmosphere in the company, the team, the technologies used, or the product being worked on.

What was the hardest thing for you when you started your first job in an IT company? For what wasn`t well prepared?

For learning new technologies in a very short time, for the acquaintance with a large amount of code and new information, for the intensity of the work.

Who and what helped you in the very beginning?

The mentor is a key figure in introducing a new person to the team, especially when the new team member has little experience. The mentor is the person who gives you the best guidance on how to navigate, what and where to read, how not to drown in the sea of ​​information. The mentor is the person who can help you in the moments when you really don’t know what to do, and this is terribly important in the beginning. The second thing is the whole team, which introduces you also to the company culture and values.

If you could give a piece of advice to people who are just starting to learn now, what would it be?

To not stop learning, to find interesting and useful things in everything they learn. To not choose the job just because of the mythically high salaries. To use the opportunity given by the academies – to try for a month, or two and to find out if this is something for them. Because programming is not for everyone, it`s specific. But if it’s for you – the satisfaction from a job well done will be a sufficient motivator for everything you have to deal with. At Grafixoft we have a program in which a mentor is appointed for each new employee to help them in the beginning. Thanks to this program, both very successful professionals and long-term friendships have been created.