Grafixoft rankings in the ICT TOP 100

At the beginning of July ICT Media published the official results of the ranking of Top 100 Technology Companies in Bulgaria for 2019

We are proud to share the ranking of Grafixoft. Thanks to our team and the efforts of all our colleagues, we have the strength, the energy and the knowledge to keep moving forward.

For several years, Grafixoft has been stable in the rank with its 77th position in the overall ranking. Ranked by revenue we are on the 35th spot among 50 software companies and on the excellent 10th position of IT consultancy providers.

Another important indicator for us is the one about highest growth. During the last couple of years, we have gone through a lot of challenges and a tremendous expansion in company size, expertize and position portfolio. We have managed to keep the pace and our position intact and finished on 39th place among the top 50 companies.

All Grafixoft rankings in the ICT Top 100:

35th in Top 50 Software companies, by revenue

24th in Top 30 Software developers, by revenue

10th  in Top IT Consultancy providers, by revenue

39th  in the Top 50 IT companies with the highest growth

27th in the 50 most dynamic IT companies

*Source – ICT Media, Capital. ICT TOP 100