Grafixoft received a green energy certificate

Grafixoft received a green energy certificate from ENERGO-PRO. The certificate attests that 100% of the electricity supplied to our company has been generated from renewable energy sources.

This is one more step that our company is taking in the direction of reducing the harmful emissions and carbon footprint that companies leave on the planet.

The responsibility we all have is huge. That`s why, two years ago, we proudly announced that Grafixoft is the first 100% green IT company in Bulgaria, after acquiring a small water power plant – “Sokol”.

The energy it produces is more than Grafixoft spends in a year.

Being responsible to colleagues, customers, and business is one part of being a sustainable partner. The other is what we do to improve the environment and support local communities and activities.

At Grafixoft we strive to be sustainable in our development and to support all areas where we can be useful.

Last year, the company donated to the hospital in Gabrovo medical equipment to help doctors and patients in the difficult conditions of COVID-19.

Last but not least, the software engineering project in Gabrovo – SCIENTIA business complex, is a big step towards improving the business environment in Gabrovo and the region.