Web based auction platform containing different modules interacting between each other. The main objective of the system is to provide a real time solution to handle all the bids placed by the bidders. These bids are processed on the engines and present the results on the television. This process is constantly running in order to handle all the requests. The inputs come from the front end; this front end has different input modes, like websites and IVRs, or any application that uses the common interface to the system. All the operations are controlled by client applications in real time in order to monitor the system functionality and the bidders’ behaviour. Finally, once the auction is over, the system is responsible to process all the results and store them on the common repository. This repository is sent to the back office for future processing. The system has to be fast and highly reliable in order to serve all the requests per second, for this reason, the system has been designed with resilience and scalability as foundation stones.

ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, AJAX, JavaScript and jQuery, HTML and CSS, Mustache.js, Web Services and SOAP, Windows Services, Crystal Reports, Microsoft SQL Server 2005, IIS BMC Remedy