Grafixoft was ranked among the leading tech companies in Bulgaria

ICT Media published the official results of the prestigious ranking – Top 100 Technology Companies in Bulgaria 2020.

We are more than happy to share that our position in the overall ranking is significantly increased – from 77th place in 2018 to 62nd in 2019.
Ranked by revenue we are on the 31st spot among 50 software companies and the excellent 8th position of IT consultancy providers.
Grafixoft is on the leading 5th position in the annual growth ranking with 67.8% growth and 15th spot in the category “Most dynamic IT companies”.
2019 was a good year and we succeed to pass through a lot of challenges and to continue our improvement. 2020 is challenging for now but we hope to keep the right direction with precise steps, stable partnerships, and sustainable development.

All Grafixoft rankings in the ICT Top 100:

5th in Top 50 IT companies with highest growth YoY
8th in Top IT Consultancy providers, by revenue
15th in the 50 most dynamic IT companies
25th in Top 30 Software developers, by revenue
31st in The Top 50 Software companies, by revenue
38th in The Top 50 exporters, by revenue
40th in the Top 50 most profitable companies

*Source – ICT Media. ICT TOP 100. The ranking lists the best-performing companies in the IT sector based on their financial results in different areas.


Grafixoft and Scientia will support #GabrovoHackathon

The registration for the annual Innovation Camp organized by the Municipality of Gabrovo, Innovation Starter, and the Regional Information Center – Gabrovo started on June 10.

It is held for the fifth consecutive year and will be organized as #GabrovoHackathon.

The grand prize, which will be awarded to the winning team is 10 000 BGN and is provided by the Municipality of Gabrovo, the companies Grafixoft Ltd., Scientia AD, and Stemo Ltd.

The participants in the hackathon will develop innovative mobile applications addressing a specific problem, shortcoming, or potential of the municipality of Gabrovo. Three thematic

challenges are addressed to them: CODE GREEN, CITIZENS.NET, and TOURISM @ GABROVO.

On September 12, the teams, mentors, partners and sponsors of #GabrovoHackathon will gather for the first time in Gabrovo, for the official presentation of the innovative mobile applications and awarding the winners.

In addition to the financial support, Grafixoft and Scientia assisted in providing one of the mentors to help the teams. Mr. Tsvetan Tsvetanov is a co-founder of Grafixoft until recently was VP, Software Engineering at

VELO3D – the leading SpaceX supplier of Additive Manufacturing Tools and Processes. Before that, his career path went through Apple, where he worked as a senior software engineer.

He has 11 years of experience as a Principal software engineer at Autodesk.

All stages of #GabrovoHackathon will be announced in the official Facebook event of the initiative, you can follow here:

Outperforming, Outstanding, Outreaching – Outsourcing

Outperforming, Outstanding, Outreaching – Outsourcing.
The common thing in the words above is their prefix – “Out”, but it is also the meaning that speaks of success.
The word outsourcing is gaining popularity in the last ten years and is often used in the presentations of the IT sector as a key part of it. Outsourcing a project and thus freeing up available resources in your company is a strategic and often good decision because it allows you to grow with an evaluated risk.

Like any strategic decision, it needs time and detailed research and requires answers to many questions. Some of them are – Which is the place where you can entrust such an important and valuable task? Who are the people who would do the job as well as your team does? Where to outsource – offshore or nearshore?

We will deal with these questions, and hopefully strengthen the opinion that Bulgaria is an unexpectedly good combination of conditions that can give a good advantage to anyone who decides to trust it.

Bulgaria is an EU, NATO and the WTO member with a strategic geographical position.

Its membership in the European Union strictly regulates the legislation and the laws. Bulgaria is economically stable, with growth in GDP for 2019 of 3.4% and amount of 60.7 billion euros (preliminary information of National statistical institute). The country is also with one of the lowest corporate tax in Europe – a flat tax of 10%. The economic environment and good indicators give it a stable, long-term rating. From S&P – BBB A-2, Moody’s – Baa2 and Fitch – BBB.

The population at the end of 2019 is almost 7 million and is concentrated in the large regional cities. Almost 28% of the people between the ages of 25 and 64 have a university degree and almost 50% use at least one foreign language – mostly English, but also German, French, and Russian.

Due to its geographical location, Bulgaria is practically on a three-hour flight from anywhere in Europe, and air transport is well developed, convenient, and accessible.

Thanks to the technical universities and IT academies, Bulgaria prepares highly qualified specialists in the IT field, producing intellectual labor for the world markets. This attracts large, foreign companies that open offices and development centers here and benefit from the workforce. Currently Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria, is one of the largest software centers in Europe.

The good digital infrastructure, fast access to the Internet, and the 5G network give us a reason to claim a serious place in the field of high technologies.

Bulgaria is one of the fastest-growing countries in Central and Eastern Europe in terms of outsourcing. According to GSLI (Global Service Location Index of A.T. Kearney) complete ranking is in the top five European countries for 2019. This is due to the factors above but also because of the high quality of the service that companies provide.

In the Global Competitiveness Report, Bulgaria surpasses many other EU countries. The IT sector is still one of the fastest-growing sectors of the economy and represents 2.9% of the GDP for 2018.

The IT sector employs more than 40 000 people in various fields – analysis, design, architecture, implementation, development, QA, support, a consultancy. The level of payment in the sector is estimated at 3-4 times above the average for Bulgaria.

Apart from the low taxes and fees, both for individuals and corporations, the real estate market in Bulgaria has been very well developed in recent years. It is actively investing in the construction of modern office buildings and business centers, which provides excellent opportunities for opening offices or shared office spaces.

As conclusion, we can say that Bulgaria is also well known for its unique nature, culture, and cuisine. An expectedly good combination. And it`s not necessary to believe us, because you are more than welcome to visit and see for yourself.

SCIENTIA – The first sod

We live in interesting and dynamic times and tomorrow seems more or less unpredictable. But we try to think and act in perspective.

Last month SCIENTIA our subsidiary company officially launched the project “Software Engineering in Gabrovo”. For that investment, SCIENTIA has been certified by the Ministry of Economy with a Class “A” investor certificate.

“We stick to our commitments and deadlines, so we didn’t postpone the first sod,” said Mrs. Tsvetelina Stoyanova, SCIENTIA. 

The event happened in the presence of a very narrow circle of attendees, but to go everything smoothly, some important traditions were followed. SCIENTIA will build a state-of-the-art IT business complex designed to attract IT companies, start-ups, and R&D centers as well as development centers.

The business complex will consist of two neighboring buildings located right next to the riverbank of Yantra in the heart of Gabrovo. The unique river views and the completely renovated, rich in greenery infrastructure will add value and comfort to the employees working in SCIENTIA buildings. The complex will also provide training halls, meeting rooms, canteen with catering options, huge loggias on each floor and shady terraces on the roofs, spacious fitness, and outdoor tennis playground next to the buildings. Underground and aboveground parking lots will be available for the companies that have chosen SCIENTIA’s buildings as the home of their business.

We can do more together!

In recent weeks, many things have been written and told, about the situation of the crisis and its consequences. We believe that the right thing is less talk and more actions. Anyone can help, according to their possibilities.

On March 25, our companies Grafixoft and Scientia made a donation to support Gabrovo hospital. The donation provides a high-quality technique for the resuscitation beds that are necessary for the needs of severely ill patients.

We hope that our help, not only the financial but also the moral help, gives strength and confidence to the doctors and the management of the hospital, knowing that they are not alone in these difficult times.

SCIENTIA AD was nominated in “Investor of the year” annual event

SCIENTIA AD, a company owned by Grafixoft management, was nominated yesterday in the annual “Investor of the year” ceremony, for its investment in Gabrovo.

The company was acknowledged in “Green Investment Category” in the ceremony organized by InvestBulgaria Agency / Българска Агенция за Инвестиции.

SCIENTIA is going to build a contemporary business complex designed to attract IT companies, start-ups, R&D and development centers.

“This acknowledgment gives us even more strength and desire to follow our goal – to attract IT companies in Gabrovo and to create career opportunities and business environment that will retain the young people from the region to stay, not to leave.” – said Mrs. Tsvetelina Stoyanova, SCIENTIA AD.  

The business complex will contain two neighboring buildings located right next to the riverbank of Yanrta in the heart of Gabrovo. The unique river views and the completely new, rich of greenery infrastructure will add a lot to the comfort of employees, working in SCIENTIA buildings. The complex will also provide training halls, meeting rooms, canteen with catering options, huge loggias on each floor and shady terraces on the roofs, spacious fitness and outdoor tennis playground next to the buildings. Underground and aboveground parking lots.


We will come soon with more information about SCIENTIA and the upcoming events.